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We see and hear sales communications hundreds of times a day. Some say it is 4,000 to 10,000, but that seems to include branding too (like items in our closet, pantry, drive to work, etc.). We tune out many of them.

When we do buy a product or service, it is to eliminate or alleviate some pain we have. It solves a problem. Every enterprise is in the business of solving a problem that some entity is willing to pay for. So there you have it - the two essentials of every sales communication, a problem and a solution.

The communication must first show the audience what a sorry state of affairs they are in. They pee their pants when they laugh; they can't grow their business fast enough; our country is in shambles; and, you can add a lot more.

Then the communication must convince the audience that a tiny little pad will let them laugh their ass off without embarrassment. They can even look their boss in the face and without blinking an eye, pee their pants on purpose just because they want to. Or, certain top-,secret business methods will give their business leading market share in short order. Or, tax hikes or tax cuts will save the country from the dumb-asses that will otherwise do it in.

So if you are writing or approving a sales letter, creating a search ad, or scripting a DRTV (direct response TV) spot double check it to be sure it shows the audience their problem and your solution that will improve their state of being.

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