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a table with lunch & wine at rialto bridge in venice italy

The essence of a good day in Venice, Italy is ...? Just being there is a great start, but I thought a good answer was just chillin' beside the Grand Canal at lunch with a panini and a glass of wine. Creating a photo that depicted that became one objective of a photo shoot there.

A month or two before the travel, I was researching for my shot list. The plan included a precise location, time of day, camera angle and composition. Using Google satellite view I spotted this cafe by the Rialto bridge.

a table with lunch & wine at rialto bridge in venice italy

It was on the preferred side of the Grand Canal and became my location. Time of day needed to be as early as I could buy lunch to get the lowest possible sun angle.

I showed up, prepared with the right gear, got the right table and shot away. In my book, you don't waste the props. So I ate, drank one glass of wine, and spilled the other on the nice table cloth. The waiter cursed me.

For some it may be a stretch to think of a photo as an innovation and maybe a snap shot isn't. But, one that is produced as deliberately as this is an innovation. Like all innovations, it starts with a problem.

In this case the problem was how to communicate the essence of a good day in Venice. A vision was born and believed to be the answer. Moving along the path to a solution required an understanding of the possibilities for solving the problem. Once that was nailed down, there was a plan for that day of shooting - timing, gear, shots before and after, etc. Finally, I committed to careful execution of the shot plan.

Here are the steps distilled to bullet points:

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