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Innovation in business occurs in three theaters - product, operations, and business model. All three may always be evolving. Especially operations. Innovation is one the two, and only two functions of a business.

This simple framework for operations can be used over and over and will almost always yield ideas to make an enterprise more efficient. We call it TAVS.

Terminate. Why does the business perform an activity or process. If it can be terminated it should be terminated.

Automate. If activities or processes can't be terminated. Find a way to automate them. There are so many ways to automate the things a business must do. The tools can be inexpensive and easy to set up. We have had good success with Zoho One as our business operating system. Other applications like Zapier, and ITTT could be used and Web Hooks can be created.

Virtualize. The activities or process which can't be automated should be shifted to virtual employees (outsourced). There are often good economics to be had when processes are virtualized, but not all processes should be. Strategic considerations have to be a part of this decision. In healthcare, organizations may have legal and regulatory (HIPPA and Anti-Kickback) constraints.

Systemize. If it can't be terminated, automated or virtualized it must be systemized. The objective here is to make the process so clear and simple that it is like the humans working the process are almost robotic.

TAVS can work in all aspects of operations and may include logistics and finance processes too.

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