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About This Image

Orlando and I-4: this composite of 2 images (the left half looking to the northeast and the right half looking to the southwest) were captured a few minutes after sunset. The camera with a 12 MM focal lengh was on a tripod. So simple: shoot-pan-shoot then stitch in PS, clean up lens distortions, crop, and pop the colors and contrast.

About This Image

Sunset on the Mekong River: From a photographer's viewpoint this image is about waiting and hoping. Seeing the boat down river as it headed toward the sunbeam I could only wait, and hope it made it to this location before the sun fell behind the mountain. Sometimes you get lucky. The location is Luan Prabang, Laos. The camera was on a tripod, the focal length was 24mm with a 24mm-70mm lens.

Tis the Season For Look-Backs

In about two weeks you will begin to see the 2016 crop of TV programs that look back at 2016. The news networks will produce "Stories that Captivated Us in 2016" and "Remembering Those Who Died in 2016" and probably "Craziest Pet Videos of 2016."

The entertainment networks will serve up "2016's Top Movies" and "Most Talked About Celebrities." Over on the sports networks you will see "Incredible Sports Plays of the Year." And the business networks will make you wish you had invested in the "Best Performing Stocks of the Year."

Take their programming ideas and turn them into something useful for your business. First of all, start writing your own programs from the list below. Each one will be instructive and drive ideas that will help to make 2017 even better than this year. Your program titles can be:

  1. Our Best Marketing Achievements of 2014
  2. 2016's Coolest New Products
  3. Awesome Ideas From Rival Companies
  4. Remembering Rivals Who Closed in 2016
  5. Deals That Got Away
  6. The 5 Most Impactful Changes in Customer Behavior
  7. The 10 Best Referral Sources of 2016
  8. 2016's Emerging Competition

Michael Porter, a leading authority on business strategy, wrote about the five competitive forces. These look-backs at 2016 will give you some insights into all five of the competitive forces that our strategic plans should address. Plus you will have a start on your 2017 marketing strategy update.