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About Wallace Weeks
photographer - entrepreneur

I am just an ordinary man who values the most powerful forces in the universe - love, imagination, purpose, vision and passion.

Life as a photographer began at age 12 in the 7th grade. After a few photography classes at school I began to sell images to classmates, built my own lab at home, and grew an event photography business. Still love the smells of the darkroom and film.

After college I became very interested in business, went back to school, earned an MBA, and went to work for a commercial bank. Photography became an avocation while I got business experience.

That knowledge and experience helped me start a strategy consulting firm I dreamed of in grad school. Soon after my wife, Lou Ann, said she was tired of the rocket scientists at the space center and wanted to work with me. We built a successful bootstrapped venture which we ran for 20 years, then I returned to full-time photography.

After a couple of years of declining rates in commercial photography, I said "To hell with it! The business models are broken, we gotta build one that works." So we started what is today Bluewater Companies, and like our other businesses, it is bootstrapped.